About The Mindful Tree

"I have found yoga with Jenny very unique and different."

- Donal


About The Mindful Tree

Created in 2015 by me, Jenny, The Mindful Tree is here to support you with traditional Yoga classes intertwined with Mindfulness. In my classes you will learn to listen to your breath, to connect it with your body, to be present and, above all, to love yourself just as you are. Expect a light-hearted atmosphere that will make you lose track of time and help you build confidence in the beautiful human being you already are.

Full Awareness of the Present Moment

I believe that Yoga is for everyone and is not just about being flexible. Yoga is about connecting your breath with your body which will help to calm the mind. Yoga is about cultivating a gentle, loving kindness toward ourselves, just as we are.

Practising Yoga is about stopping, being still and listening in the here and now. Through this practise, you will experience an ease of anxiety and tension and a release of stress. You will also feel stronger in body and mind.


Yoga Styles

Slow Yoga Flow
Vinyasa Flow
Mindfulness for Beginners
Yin & Restorative Yoga

Yoga and Mindfulness Classes Will Help You

  • Calm your mind as you connect breath with body
  • Be fully aware of the present moment
  • Increase the flexibity of your mind and body
  • Take an hour for you and feel the time stop

Become Aware of the Present Moment

Join me at the studio or from the comfort of your home and let Mindful Yoga bring you into the present moment. Let the anxiety, tension and stress of your everyday life fly away every time you breathe out. Feel stronger in your body and your mind.


About Jenny

I have spent the past 20 years studying and practising Yoga, Mindfulness and Art Psychotherapy. Having suffered from anxiety most of my life, I can tell you that the only things that have helped were Yoga, Mindfulness and Creativity in its many forms. 

So, having experienced the life-changing benefits of these three practices myself, I wanted to share them with others. That is why in 2015 I created the Mindful Tree Yoga & Mindfulness.

Join me on this exciting and curious journey of self-discovery that just keeps on giving. I want to give others the tools and life skills I have learnt along the way. The ones that help me to navigate the stresses and strains of everyday life.



Yoga Therapy Ireland

  • YTI Yoga Teacher Diploma (RYS 500hrs Yoga Alliance)
  • YTI Certificate in Teaching Yoga for Children


  • Certified Life Coach

Transformation Academy

  • Certified Therapeutic Art Coach

Himalaya Yoga Valley, Goa

  • RYS 200hrs Yoga Alliance

The Mindfulness Institute:

  • MBRS Facilitator – Mindful Based Stress Reduction

Dublin Art Therapy Studio:

  • Art Psychotherapy Foundation
  • 200hrs Art Psychotherapy

MISP (Mindfulness in School Project)

  • Paws.b program. Mindfulness for children ages 7-11yrs

The British Wheel of Yoga

  • 1yr Foundations of Yoga with Maarten Vermasse

Words from Other Yogis

“Since joining Jenny’s yoga Mindfulness class three years ago, it has become a touchstone in my week. The candles and world music create a calming atmosphere which signals ‘time out’ from a busy day. Jenny’s encouraging voice explains and demonstrates clearly the various positions. The class is a great workout for the entire body, quieting the mind in the process. Certain positions strengthen the lower back which I find really beneficial. Jenny ends the class with some meditation and sometimes a poem and I roll up my yoga mat feeling relaxed and refreshed”


“As a first time new comer to yoga, I have found yoga with Jenny very unique and different. It has inspired me to go on and do yoga teacher training myself. Having done a Mindfulness only class before, it is incredible to have found a class that has both Mindfulness and Yoga together. I come away with a feeling of being relaxed, present yet energised. Like Ive done a workout for my mind and body”


Book a Yoga Class

Ready to let yoga bring out the best of you? Feel free to book your class straight away or get in touch with me if you have further questions. I am here for you!