Online Yoga Classes Interwoven with Mindfulness

"So long as I am breathing, there is more right with me than wrong"

- Jon Kabatt Zinn


About The Mindful Tree

The Mindful Tree offers traditional Ashtanga and Hatha Yoga classes intertwined with Mindfulness, in studio and in the comfort of your own home via Zoom. All our classes are suitable for beginners; however, some may have a faster pace than others. You can expect a warm welcome and an easy-going teaching style with Jenny. Expect a few giggles as we try new moves.

Yoga Styles

Mindfulness for Beginners

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You can join me, Jenny, from the comfort of your own home Online via Zoom for Live classes or on Demand  Pre-recorded classes.


What to Expect?

Calming your mind as you
connect breath with body
A feeling of stepping out
of clock time
Being fully aware of the
present moment
Increased Flexibity of Mind
and Body. An hour just for you
Mindful and calm

Meet Jenny and The Mindful Tree

Hi, I’m Jenny. I created The Mindful Tree to share with you the life-changing benefits I have gotten from Yoga and Mindfulness.

I believe Yoga is for everyone and isn’t just about being flexible. It’s about calming your mind and being present by connecting your breath with your body. It’s about cultivating a gentle kindness towards ourselves.

With my online Yoga and Mindfulness classes, you will feel stronger in your body and mind. But you will also learn how to stop, be still and listen in the here and now.


Yoga and Mindfulness Classes Will Help You

  • Calm your mind as you connect breath with body
  • Be fully aware of the present moment
  • Increase the flexibity of your mind and body
  • Step out of clock time, taking an hour for just you

Take Care of Your Body and Mind

The Mindful Tree offers Yoga classes intertwined with Mindfulness. You can join me, Jenny, at the studio or from the comfort of your home via Zoom.

We have five different types of classes to suits everyone’s needs but all of my classes are suitable for beginners.

When you join me for the first time, you can expect a warm welcome, an easy-going teaching style, and also a few giggles as we try new moves!


Choose the Class that Best Suits You

  • Vinyasa Flow
  • Gentle Vinyasa Flow
  • Mindfulness & Yoga
  • Restorative
  • Mindfulness for Beginners

Happy Clients & Students

“Since joining Jenny’s yoga Mindfulness class three years ago, it has become a touchstone in my week. The candles and world music create a calming atmosphere which signals ‘time out’ from a busy day. Jenny’s encouraging voice explains and demonstrates clearly the various positions. The class is a great workout for the entire body, quieting the mind in the process. Certain positions strengthen the lower back which I find really beneficial. Jenny ends the class with some meditation and sometimes a poem and I roll up my yoga mat feeling relaxed and refreshed”

SharonYoga & Mindfulness

“As a first time new comer to yoga, I have found yoga with Jenny very unique and different. It has inspired me to go on and do yoga teacher training myself. Having done a Mindfulness only class before, it is incredible to have found a class that has both Mindfulness and Yoga together. I come away with a feeling of being relaxed, present, yet energised. Like I've done a workout for my mind and body”

DonalYoga & Mindfulness

"It was a pleasure to work with Life Coach Jenny over recent months, we immediately built a rapport. Jenny is a great listener, with attention to detail. Most importantly she enjoys working with people.

I found working with Jenny was very constructive and at a pace which suited me. My motivation for the sessions was to un-pick parts of my life as I am/was in transition and needed to challenge my own perspectives, look for independent feedback and clarity. All these areas were addressed.

Like anything related to mindfulness, it is up to each individual to take on board the learnings and techniques – in essence taking time to better understand oneself. This is time well spent.
My take-aways are to continue to be brave, self-aware and reflect often on life’s ups & downs – this is how we thrive. Thanks again Jenny"

PaulLife Coaching

"Career changing at any stage of life can be frightening and exhilarating at the same time. Going through it now, I've been fortunate to benefit from a number of life coaching sessions to help me see the path through this fog with Jenny McGrath of The Mindful Tree. Coaching has given me the clarity that I needed to look forward with more excitement and less fear. Bring the future on!!!"

NicolaLife Coaching

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