Mindfulness is paying attention in a particular way, on purpose, to the present moment. Non judgmentally and with kindness. To me Yoga doesn’t work without this Mindfulness. This paying attention to the present moment, to your body and to your breath. This is why it felt totally natural for me to mix the two.

As soon as I get onto my mat, I am instantly transported from my outside world to my inner world.  This sometimes feels relaxing and wonderful but sometimes it feels difficult depending on what’s going on in my day. However having said that, no matter the feelings, once I allow myself to turn in toward them and begin to see them clearly for what they are, I feel calmer and more relaxed after my practise. I have more clarity, more focus and my body feels more free.

When we drop down out of the business of our minds and into our bodies we interrupt the constant rumination of the minds flow. The constant planning and rehearing of conversations that may or may not happen, the endless list making, the worrying. When we abide in our true nature of the breath and the body, we realise that everything is ok in this moment and that this moment is all we have. We cannot predict the future nor can we change the past and yet we spend the majority of our lives living in the future or the past. This creates anxiety, worry and disease. 

This is why just turning up for a period of time each day to connect with yourself is so beneficial. To check in with how you’re feeling, to listen to what your body is trying to tell you. Listening to those gut feelings is so very important in this digital, tech savvy and fast society we live in where the words “wellbeing” and Mental Health have become buzz words. Maybe it’s time to ask ourselves what they mean for us! To take action and cultivate this wellbeing deeply into our everyday. Now more than ever. 

This is no easy task, as we place such high standards on ourselves around being the best parent, partner, business owner, family member or friend. It is as if we have forgotten or lost touch with the absolute wonder of our true nature. “So long as I am breathing, there is more right with me than wrong”- Jon Kabatt Zinn. This quote sits with me every day to remind me that to be here, to be alive, experiencing the wonders of this world, alone is a miracle. Is enough. It reminds me that I am enough just as I am. 

This is why I practise Mindfulness and Yoga together. Give your mind and body a workout. Come join me on your mat!!

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